About Comics 'N' Coffee

The Brand

Comics ‘N’ Coffee is the focal point for all things Marvel and DC that the modern, digital age fan is passionate about. We exist to bring fans great content and merchandise of their favorite super heroes and villains, but more importantly, we exist to help connect fans together. To build a safe, fun, and informative community.

The Podcast

Our podcast is simple. Imagine discussing Avengers: Infinity War or the Gotham TV show with your friends, that’s our podcast. News, segements on the movies, shows, games, figures, etc, and lots of laughs.

Volume 1, Issue 0 of the Comics ‘N’ Coffee podcast is actually an introduction to us and the podcast. Have a listen to learn more.

The Creators

Comics ‘N’ Coffee was started by Ricardo N Feliciano and Moises Lopez.

Profile image of Ricardo N Feliciano Ricardo N Feliciano //

Ricardo is a Developer Advocate at CircleCI (formerly Linode). He's also a U.S. Navy Veteran (cyber warfare) and organizer of Write the Docs NYC. A Mets and Linux fan for life. #TeamIronman

Profile image of Moises Lopez Moises Lopez //

Moises is a professional procrastinator, the best! He's an amateur artist striving to learn more as he goes. Comic book and action figure collector, he wouldn't want to live anywhere other than NYC.